Our mission


ZAPARAY is a Belgian company focused on UVC LED innovation, resulting in sustainable disinfection solutions.

ZAPARAY’s mission is to provide chemical-free disinfection technology by spearheading the migration from UVC mercury discharge lamps to UVC LED technology. ZAPARAY differentiates itself from the competition by its quality-driven innovation methodology and by applying medical manufacturing standards.


UVC-LED disinfection contributes to better object hygiene upon which biohazard risks like antibiotic-resistant bacteria (incl. MRSA, EHEC, ESBL), food pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria), and recently SARS-CoV-2 are present. In addition to contributing to a cleaner and safer environment, our innovations create significant savings in the consumption of chemicals, water, and energy, as well as in sick leave and healthcare costs.


ZAPARAY’s devices are Made in Belgium. Our products are CE/EN61010/EN61000 certified by an external validation laboratory and are approved as electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use. The RAY-ONE and RAY-TWO disinfection devices have a drawer to load small to midsize objects. The UVC radiation remains fully enclosed within the device, with double safety sensors to interrupt the disinfection cycle in case the drawer is opened.


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The research team

Duncan Verstraeten

Business Development

Duncan is an entrepreneur, founder of two LED technology based companies.
He was previously commercial director at Barco LED screen and director of Niko Group’s sensor division.

Nabi Dastaran

Mechanical Engineer
QC Product development

Nabi holds a master in mechanical engineering and has extensive experience with industrial quality control procedures.

Ir. Mieke Flour

COO - Research
Quality & Compliance

Mieke holds a civil engineering degree in mechatronics, is 6Sigma Black Belt and has accumulated 15+ years of management experience within (LED) manufacturing and quality in Barco en Niko.

Hannah Siwe

Baekeland PHD researcher

Hannah holds a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences.
With her knowledge and experience in research, she investigates ZAPARAY’s devices biocidal efficacy.