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fast radiation cycle

Validated and reproducible disinfection result within a few minutes. Easy to operate with a single button.

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Validated disinfection


Equipment friendly

Powerful disinfection without heat, water, chemicals nor mercury lamps.


Dose logging

Two UVC sensors validate in real-time the provided UVC dose given. All parameters are stored in a USB log file

Real-time UV-C LED monitoring



In our daily lives, essential equipment like stethoscopes, saturation meters, and handheld devices like cell phones and microphones are often carriers of microbes and their spores. Disinfecting these items is a challenge due to their unique nature.

Conventional hygiene guidelines suggest using chemical wipes for a specified duration, which can range from one to ten minutes to effectively clean high-touch surfaces. However, some disinfection wipes may not be effective against certain resilient bacteria, and it can be challenging to ensure consistent usage.


We understand the importance of addressing this issue with a practical and reliable solution.

The RAY-TWO streamlines and enhances your daily disinfection routines with its user-friendly, automated, and secure design. UV-C disinfection complements existing procedures, offering viral and bacteriological reduction on surfaces, right after manual cleaning of visible contaminants. This automated approach not only ensures effectiveness but also lightens

the burden on your workload, promoting biological safety.

Rest assured with our 100% guaranteed UV-C radiation dose.

At the heart of the RAY-TWO UV-C LED disinfection device lies our patented UV-C controller, serving as the nerve center for precision and traceability. It generates a comprehensive log file that captures vital internal device data, including the duration, date, and time of each disinfection cycle, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in your disinfection processes.
In every single disinfection cycle, the UV-C dose is meticulously calculated in real-time.

Two UV-C sensors vigilantly monitor the radiation until de required dose has been effectively applied.

RAY-TWO’s UV-C disinfection operates at room temperature.

Moreover, it utilizes UV-C LED radiation sources, eliminating the annual lamp replacement cost of conventional mercury

UV-C lamps. These LEDs are carefully enclosed to prevent UV-C radiation from escaping, ensuring maximum safety.


mecury free.png

Mercury free

All ZAPARAY’s innovations are driven by mercury free LEDs as UVC radiation sources.


LED technology

The exclusive use of powerful UVC LEDs guarantee a long lifetime and low maintenance.

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Made in Belgium

Our disinfection technology comes with a 'made in Belgium' label.



At ZAPARAY, quality and compliance are the foundations of all products.

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