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Making the invisible visible

UVC LED radiation sources do not emit any visible wavelenghts, which is opposite to the blue glow of conventional mercury discharge UVC lamps.

At ZAPARAY we have banned these mercury lamps, hence the need to provide visual assurance the UVC radiation required to reduce your pathogens is present. UVC is dangerous for all organisms, including animals and human beings. That's why we installed a doubled safety systems and a watchdog to monitor the users safety.

Besides a visual indication of UVC presence there was a need to quantify the amount of UVC radiation given. Healthcare professionals are obliged to keep log files at hand about historical UVC disinfection cycles, proving the required UVC dose has been given. Our UVC sensors constantly measure the radiation and monitor the reduction of viruses, bacteria, fungi...

All of these functionalities and much more converge into the RAY-CONTROL, the nerve system of any UVC LED application.

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