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UVC LED Technology

Germicidal radiation is a proven disinfection method using short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation. 


ZAPARAY uses exclusively UVC LEDs as environmentally friendly radiation sources to target the DNA/RNA of viruses, bacteria, and molds.


Safety first

Safety switches and special UVC deflectors protect you at all times against accidental exposure. 


Quality always
Compliance standards and quality procedures are our strategic differentiators. 

Made in Belgium

We provide our customers with scientific-based technology in collaboration with VLAIO (Flemish institute for innovation) and the universities of Leuven and Ghent. 


UVC led s vs lamps.png

Biological testing


Our devices are tested upon numerous different pathogens in certified and research microbiological laboratories, extending EN14885.
- Melbec Microbiology Laboratories (UK)
- UGent Laboratory of virology Prof Nauwynck (corona)
- UGent Laboratory of virology Prof Meuleman  (hepatitis)
- UGent Laboratory of bacteriology Prof Cools

Online literature    NIST -  IUVA

ZAPARAY's biological test reports


Science stories

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